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ACC650I3.8SW Engine
ACC650I4.0SW Engine


QAID # 6848

Question / Problem:

Why do I receive a Host Processor Exception error when processing bar codes with the Enhanced Bar Code engine, and why does the Standard bar code engine still work fine?

Answer / Solution:

When the error "Host Processor Exception" occurs while scanning bar codes with Enhanced Bar Code engine (EBC), the license bits to the Adrenaline 650i EBC maybe corrupted. Test the Standard Bar Code (SBC) engine and see if it works without error. If SBC works without errors you may have to repair the license bits for EBC. Please contact Kofax Technical support to get a repair utility for EBC and additional files which prevent the problem from reoccuring.

If software provided by Kofax Technical Support is applied correctly but fails to resolve the issue, then you will need to RMA the card. For more information on the RMA process please see QAID 3030.


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