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QAID # 20773

Question / Problem:

I am receiving a web site's security certificate error message and am unable to access the Customer Support Portal and the Delivery platform.
Why is that?

Answer / Solution:

The reason that you see the error message is that our servers may not be sending an intermediate certificate, or you are missing a certification authority certificate that are both used to validate our website certificate.

Please perform the steps below to install these missing certificates in the web browser:

  1. Navigate to DigiCert Trusted Root Authority Certificates ¦ Download DigiCert Root and Intermediate Certificate.

  2. Download and install the following two certificates:

    • Intermediate certificate

      DigiCert SHA2 Secure Server CA
      Serial #: 01:FD:A3:EB:6E:CA:75:C8:88:43:8B:72:4B:CF:BC:91

    • Certification authority certificate

      DigiCert Global Root CA
      Serial #: 08:3B:E0:56:90:42:46:B1:A1:75:6A:C9:59:91:C7:4A

  3. Restart the web browser.


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