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Question / Problem:

What is Kofax's official Support policy as it relates to a Kofax Capture client/server deployment over WAN topology?

Answer / Solution:

Deploying a Kofax Capture client/server installation across a WAN is not supported. Any portion of the client/server installation that is on a LAN will be supported. To run Kofax Capture in a supported configuration, Kofax Capture Network Server (KCNS) must be configured and implemented. KCNS was developed to support implementations that require remote clients that will be connected to the Kofax Capture server.

Clients of a client/server environment require direct database communication, database validation calls, and linked user calls against Active Directory. These are areas that are prone to inconsistent results when run over a WAN. Also, file I/O across the WAN is unpredictable and can again result in inconsistent performance behavior.

The Kofax Capture Installation Guide for your respective version states that Client/Server over a WAN is an unsupported configuration.


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