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Question / Problem:

Can VRS 4.x license information (such as the part number, serial number and product code) be retrieved by Kofax if this information is lost?

Answer / Solution:

Yes. In cases in which VRS license information is lost due to machine failure and the license is not retrievable, a representative from the Kofax Inside Sales group can locate lost VRS license information.

However, it is important that when activating a VRS license that the user name, E-mail address, company name and Machine ID fields be entered accurately for searching purposes. If this information is not entered at activation time or is entered incorrectly, it will limit the ability to search for lost licensing information.

It is strongly advised to save the original VRS license bar code label in a safe place in the event of a machine failure. However, saving a printout or screen shot of the VRS Activation screen with the populated license information can provide even more information that can then be used to help the Kofax Inside Sales group to more quickly locate, verify and de/activate lost license information.

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