Techniques to Maximize Search Effectiveness

The search uses keywords that should be delimited only by spaces. Do not add commas or quotes.

  • If you choose All words entered, an "AND" will automatically be inserted between each of your keywords when submitted to the query. You will not see this in the web interface.
  • If you choose Any words entered, an "OR" will be inserted between each of your keywords.
  • If you choose Exact phrase, your keywords will be submitted to the query exactly as they are entered.
If your search results in zero matches, try minimizing the search critera. For example, if you are searching with keywords, use the simplest combination possible. Instead of entering something like "setup batch class so back page is not scanned", just enter "back page".

Also, if you have selected a specific Product/Version/Category combination or you have added your Scanner Make and Model, try removing them and get back to a more general search. For example, do not specify a Scanner Make and Model unless you are looking for all known problems on that scanner.

Or, if you are searching by keywords, leave the Product as "All Products" in case a similar FAQ was entered on a different product, version or category. If you get a lot of hits, you can add your Product or Scanner criteria back in to try to minimize the result.

For more details regarding the search criteria, please reference the Knowledgebase Support Tips Utility Note document.